The search for aesthetic ways of representing movement is continuously the main focus of the Spinning Nature project, “Lucidum” (2018-2019) series is studying motion through light. The first series, “Metamorphoses” (2016-2018) displayed a dramatic, almost theatrical atmosphere. Associating bright colours with dark and shadowy hues letting the subject in question stand alone in the spotlight. We wanted to respect what and whom we decided to photograph hence have stayed open minded and flexible towards the results and seeing where the image of moving energy leads us. 
In “Lucidum” we wanted to challenge ourselves by diving into light, letting the background merge into the subject. This enabled us to get a sense of transparency that was already noticeable in the metamorphoses series and woke a huge interest from our part. We started from the past with dark backgrounds, classical colours, now we are here in the deep seas of light, transparency, colour, juxtapositions of moving energy in still image, light and movement.