Portrait of an Art-Trope Painter : Mireille Lopez
16 Sep 2019
The Painter Artist Mireille Lopez invites you to discover her creative space, as a spark of artistic freedom:

Her artistic statement

I am inspired by emotions, relationships with others, moments of life, feelings, what makes us alive, whether it is vibrant, happy or sad. What I experience and feel is my source of inspiration. I like to paint the relationship to the loved one, the couple and their relational ambiguities. As for my pictorial techniques, I first worked with acrylic and now I paint with oil. It is a technique that relates perfectly to what I want to express. With a brush or a knife, the bright color and material can be worked on over time, as can feelings. The oil enables a total immersion, a fusion with my canvas. I dive into my work until I become one with it. The square formats, and especially the square meter, are my preferred ones. My stroke movements are getting bigger and bigger. In this context, the diptychs seem to be  an obvious way to work on the couple, the duo, the balance, but I also like to express myself on very large canvases when the need to go beyond the limits is felt. The work "Blue Coral Love", created in 2019, is a beautiful testimony to this. In each of my paintings, I hope to convey an emotion, whatever it may be, a reaction, and thus touch the viewer's heart to challenge him or her, to make him or her want to write a story about my Artwork. This is his or her story.

Blue Coral Love, 87 in x 79 in, 2019 © Mireille Lopez

Her evolution

When I started painting, I first tried many techniques: watercolor, acrylic, fluid effect painting, mediums, matter, oil pastels, to finally launch myself into oil. This painting is the one I enjoy the most working with and I will continue to improve this technique that I would like to completely make mine in order to be free in my creations. I am currently working on a series in the blues called "Little and Big Blues". This is my first oil series on a subject that is so close to my heart that I can only see myself continuing this series, to go to the end of what it inspires me. I have a real pleasure in working on my canvases but above all there is the need to make them. The first Artwork in this series, entitled "My continent" made with acrylic painting, made me realize that I needed to work with oil if I wanted more freedom of expression, both in terms of material and colors. Since I used several techniques, I also sometimes like to mix acrylic and oil pastel. "The blue resilience river" is, in this sense, an interesting compromise.

In Between, 39 in x 39 in, 2019 © Mireille Lopez

Her exhibitions

I had the chance to show my Artwork as a Painter at the Art3f Salon at the beginning of my career, and I must admit that it was a great moment for me. A man knelt before one of my paintings, the one entitled "Escape", made in 2018 and shed a few tears of emotion. I was very embarrassed, but it was also at that moment that I really became aware of my ability to create and transmit an emotion. I thought that this would be the best way to express myself and share everything that touched me deeply. Exhibiting is essential because it is the moment when our work no longer belongs to us completely, and I like these interactions with the public. This is an essential moment of truth during which I try to move the viewer, make him or her react, question him or her, move him or her, make him or her travel... Meetings are not mandatory, but I do everything I can to live up to the people's expectations by the sincerity and truth of my Artwork. For my next exhibition, during the YIA Art Fair in Paris, from October 17th to 20th 2019, my diptych "Ladies' Game, Souls' Game", created in 2019, will be presented. This is an important moment for me because it will be the first time I will show my Artwork in oil.

Ladies' Game, Souls' Game, 39 in x 79 in, 2019 © Mireille Lopez

Her relationship with Art-Trope

I have been working with Art-Trope for almost a year now and it is a precious help for my artistic development. I really needed advice to manage this new activity. As a self-taught Painter, my limited knowledge in this field did prevented me from managing this career well on my own. First, I subscribed to a Premium plan to meet all my needs. For example, Art-Trope helped me develop my website and my visibility on social media. I also subscribed to the Art Coach package which I find perfect to support me month after month in the management of my career. It is also thanks to Art-Trope that I have the opportunity to exhibit in Paris next October, during the YIA Art Fair. Its team is dynamic, always attentive and at the service of its Artists. With Art-Trope, I have found a real partner who knows how to support me and guide me in the Contemporary Art market. This collaboration is valuable and our relationship is unique.
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